Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kids These Days


Justus is getting big. He's smart...and doing his best to take on more "grown up" taking the garbage cans out on trash day. Granted, they're bigger than him and it takes him considerable effort, but he's getting the hang of it. He's reading Magic Tree House books now and getting ready to start on the Juney B. Jones series. We got him and Emry each a fish. I asked him what he wanted to name his blue beta..."Fast...because he's fast." Fast it is. He had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago. It was tramatic...but he (funny) was most upset at the fact that he didn't get to keep the molar. He, too has discovered the various photo features of my new computer...and contributes the following:

Other than that, he's a great boy. I look at him and think of the days when he was tiny...even those first few days with him. I reflect on the stages he's come through and I marvel...he's amazing, remarkable, beautiful...mine.


Mimi got her hair cut several weeks ago. It was long...and to the point where it was causing her more grief than joy. She got food in it almost every meal, grass, toys...and now that Winter has learned how to grab, her hair had become a prime target. In brushing her hair that final morning, she kept saying "I don't WANT long hair." I asked her if she wanted me to cut it and she said she I did. She's cute - dang cute. She's got this cute little bob and I pull her bangs up in a little half pony in the front...she's precious...and a spit-fire; the combination can be exausting. But you've got to love her fierce independence and her sweetness. She usually climbs into my bed in the middle of the night. We wake up and talk about her day. She's loved being in school and ballet. She picks things up very quickly. She constantly asks me to "test" her, meaning to giver her ballet words to perform, like plie and which she quickly moves into position with this darling little smile on her face. She's still into spelling random things and chomping at the bit to have the components of reading come together so that she can. Still very enthusiastic about art - she made a shark last week in preschool. She's growing beautifully. I adore her and she knows it...I'm blessed she is my daugter.


Is a little peanut. I don't keep anything in the cabinets under the sinks...Winter hides out in there. If I'm doing my make-up in the morning in my bathroom, he'll come in and crawl in there...occasionally opening the door to peek out and see what I'm doing. He's talking more now and he's more aggressive in terms of what he'll take from his brother and sister. He's more apt to object if they take something away from him or vocalize his refusal when it's time to go to bed. He's still dear, still precious...He's very curious by nature. He LOVES to be with his brother and sister and he's presenting characteristics that show he will be independent, too. I can't image where that comes from. He's a giggler, that's for sure. I love him.


I'm graduating May 12. I'm starting a new job April 2. I'm working on the crew of the Diary of Anne Frank at the Rubicon Theatre. My ward probably thinks I'm inactive due to school and work, but I'm not. I have one free day a's Tuesday...All of those surveys that ask what your favorite day of the week's TUESDAY because I don't have school that night and I get to remind myself what it feels like to go to work and then go straight home when the sun is still out. Do not wish this upon yourself. Scott Springer and I talked a few months ago about what it was like for him to finish his degree at Pepperdine...we share the same sentiments in terms of coming to the finish line and feeling completely broken. I carry 5 classes this term - 4 with CLU and 1 with BYU. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely worth it and the learning experience is truly's just a lot to keep organized. I'm thinking about taking a year off after I finish...but then there's a side of me that says to just keep plugging another year or two to finish my masters, seeing as some of the classes I'm taking to finish my credential apply toward that program. We'll depends on what happens with this new job and whether my promptings lead me to pursue Human Resources the way the company proposes...or if I use my degree to pursue Guidance Counselling in High School and then at a Collegiate Level. There are many options...but I won't be sure until I'm IN the moment. Lots of prayers. The Mike aspect is good...really good. I'm very's like we're cut from the same cloth. I'm very excited about him in my life in terms of the return of my friend and the unique and profound nature of our relationship. We've talked a little about how things were between us so many years ago...we only ever wanted to be friends...things don't happen on accident. Everything is going remarkably well.

So, hurray for graduation. Hurray for work. Hurray for kids. Hurray.
Love to you all - J.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


12 years ago a beautiful blue eyed boy sat behind me in a spanish class at ventura college. he became one of my closest, dearest friends. our lives went in different directions, but we thought of each other. last april we managed to track each other down to catch up...the rest is history. he is amazing. he seems to see into my very heart. he understands who i am like no other...i am moved. exstatic. blessed. humbled. happy.

The Diary of Anne Frank

My latest project (I so needed another one) is with the Rubicon Theatre. Their head hair/make-up artist is a principle actor in another show, so I'm covering for him on the dates he has performances. I've found a fun way for the actors to pass the time while they're in THE CHAIR...see for yourself.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gotta Love the Mac

I got a MacBook this week...and I love it. I can never go back to PC...there's just too many things about it that completely surpass my experience with other computers...With school and work, I've not had much time to just mess around with the thing and see what it can do. Last night I came home early from work because I felt like hud. After a lenghty nap I felt a little better and seized the perfect 45 minutes to give this baby a test whirl...and I discovered fun photo booth!! See the many pictures attached...I thought the warped ones were so dang funny that I had to share them. She may not be a pretty girl, but she sure has a GREAT personality! Mike and I thought perhaps I should post these to a site and see how it goes (hee hee!). Love you all!