Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zoo Pals

It's been forever since we've been to the Zoo. Lola told earlier this week that Bob the Builder would be at the Zoo this weekend. Because my little girl was a HUGE Bob the Builder fan for the longest time, Mike and I thought it would be a good surprise to take them this afternoon.

I had a few errands to run prior to going up. Justus and Emry kept trying to guess the surprise. We stopped by Ventura College for me to speak with the Math Chair. "Is THIS the surprise, Mom?" "Yes. SURPRISE!!! I know how much you LOVE statistics!!!" Sometimes it's fun to throw them for a loop like that. I have to quickly set it straight, "No. Math is not the surprise." We went to get gas and wash the car. "Is THIS the surprise, Mom?" "Yes. SURPRISE!!! I know how much you LOVE to watch the car get clean!!!...No. The Car Wash is not the surprise." Half way through Carpenteria Justus asked if the drive was the surprise. "No, honey. The drive is not the surprise." When we got to the Zoo they thought that was it. It wasn't until Bob came out and Mike and I said "SURPRISE!" that they realized this was one of the special elements of the day. For the most part, everything was well received. It's funny though that little girl has Mike wrapped around her finger. He carried her much of the day mainly because she would bat those blue eyes of hers and ask him ever so sweetly if he would hold her. Next thing I know he's carried her half way around the Zoo. It's all in love, so it's not a big deal, just funny.