Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stay Summer

Welcome, summer. Sometimes I can see you through the windows at work while I'm thinking about my boys at swimming lessons with their Grandpa and my girl with her Dad in Arizona. I hope that you'll stay good for them and cut me some slack and stick around on the weekends when I'm not pinned in my glass case. :)

I hope that you'll send pleasant breezes when we have tournament games in Ventura and Simi Valley. Last year you were a bit relentless and made some people wilt...and grouchy.

I hope that you'll remain clear this weekend in particular so that all of the attendees at the various celebratory events can actually SEE the fireworks and not the muted lights diffused through low fog.

You were a little late, so I do hope that you'll stay...long enough for me to get a tan. :)