Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm feeling crunchy. I'm 2 weeks away from graduation. I'm sitting in a classroom with a handful of 1st years who are FLIPPING OUT over the final...A final which will allow notes AND the textbook. I've got a serious case of angst. I'm talking theory with a man who has no concept of Piaget, Dewey, the basic educational theorists...and a completely (he's admitted) jaded perspective. It's like scripture chase on crack. 15 women between 21 and 55 flipping through pages frantically to answer questions on pedagogy, curriculum, policy, etc...grrr. enough.

All is well. Kids, life, work,'s all beautiful - promise. It's just busy. I had a woman call me the other day about student loan consolidation. She went on for 20 minutes asking me questions about this and that...she asked me at the end about providing her with specific amounts from specific that point I told her that the timing was less than desirable. I'm in the process of finals, I work full-time, go to school full-time and I'm a single mother of 3. The woman stammered and said, "Wow. You sound so calm." enough. It's all good.

Love you all. Be happy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

5 days of music

Robin. Robin. Robin. Have you ever had a friend so connected to music that you felt like you could never catch up? I sent Robin 3 cds of cool tunes I've found over the last year or so...Kate Havnevik, Cut Chemist, The Reconteurs, Beck, Bitter:Sweet, Imogene Heap, Si*Se, Sia, and a few others.

Dear boy, he sent me some music in return...oh sorry, he sent me 5 days worth of music...if I were to play everything he sent me without stopping it would take 5 days to get through it all...and it turns out he KNOWS Kate Havnevik. Despite that I feel like a completely unqualified contributor, (which is all me, I'm sure he takes my measly cds fondly) I am amazed by what he's exposed me that breath, I am grateful...

How does he FIND this stuff? The kind of music that makes you close your eyes to feel the depth of the message. The point: Regardless of what you know, there is always more. There is beauty in differences.