Monday, April 16, 2007

5 days of music

Robin. Robin. Robin. Have you ever had a friend so connected to music that you felt like you could never catch up? I sent Robin 3 cds of cool tunes I've found over the last year or so...Kate Havnevik, Cut Chemist, The Reconteurs, Beck, Bitter:Sweet, Imogene Heap, Si*Se, Sia, and a few others.

Dear boy, he sent me some music in return...oh sorry, he sent me 5 days worth of music...if I were to play everything he sent me without stopping it would take 5 days to get through it all...and it turns out he KNOWS Kate Havnevik. Despite that I feel like a completely unqualified contributor, (which is all me, I'm sure he takes my measly cds fondly) I am amazed by what he's exposed me that breath, I am grateful...

How does he FIND this stuff? The kind of music that makes you close your eyes to feel the depth of the message. The point: Regardless of what you know, there is always more. There is beauty in differences.

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