Thursday, February 4, 2010


There’s a parable about a man who was commanded by God to push against a rock all the days of his life. Every day he would try with all of his might to push against that massive stone. Every day he would go home tired and spent. Years after this occupation, the adversary came to him and in using a powerful tool, suggested to the man that he was a failure because he’d made no progress in moving the object after so many years of effort. Maybe, the adversary suggested, the man wasn't doing anything new because he wasn't making enough progress with the task he was given in the first place. That night, the man went home and began to consider what had been said. He knew he couldn’t trust the adversary, but there was some truth to the fact that after toiling for SO LONG in this task, it really didn’t appear that much was happening and it made the man doubt his worth and efforts. Maybe someone else could have moved the rock a lot sooner. Maybe he was just not cut out for the job. He wondered if God had become disappointed in him because his labors appeared fruitless. The next morning, disheartened and discouraged, the man went to Heavenly Father and laid out his concerns. He told him of the adversary’s visit and apologized for being weak and after so many years for being unsuccessful in his attempts to move the rock.

Heavenly Father looked at the massive rock and then at this humble son, broken down by doubt. He placed his hand on his shoulder and gently explained that the point of the man's labors had never been about moving the stone. The object of the task was to prove his obedience, and through that, to strengthen that man. It was then, in realization, that the man could see that his body had become sinewed as a result of his diligence and consistency. The commandment was never for the sake of a piece of land being cleared of a stone, it had always been for the benefit of the man.

It’s so easy to lose focus of the point. So easy to become distracted and doubtful when things are consistently difficult…painful, even…here I am, pushing on the rock…did He ever say that he wanted me to move it? Or did I hear from someone else that I was supposed to? Do we not each bear our own trial? Are not our wildernesses individual, though seemingly similar in nature? If we endure the same trial, and my outcome is different, does it mean you didn’t do it right? Or that you’re weak because you handled yours in a dissimilar manner? It’s possible, right? That we’re learning these lessons for different reasons? The goal is the same for ALL of us, to finish, to learn, to love…but ultimately it’s through our experiences of pushing against our rock that will get us there.

Shun your adversary. Hold tight to the command. Realize deeply that specific things are given to take those weak things and to make them strong. It takes work. A LOT . Our success is contingent upon our efforts…in all things. Don’t quit. We don’t generally get the intention of the exercise until it’s well over…and even then it’s redefined by our comprehension. Just trust that it’s worth it. What ever your IT is…DO it. We’re commanded to be perfect. Seemingly impossible given our flaws and natures…but there’s something to be said in the fact that we weren’t commanded to TRY, we were commanded to DO/to BE. Whatever your hurdle. Whatever your circumstances. PUSH.

Love you all,