Tuesday, September 4, 2007

4 Months Later

Yes, I realize that I've not blogged in 4 months. I'm not sitting in a classroom 3 nights a week anymore, so my blog time has been reduced significantly. I'm suddenly stripped of those hours where I waltz in and out of attention to theories of special education, technology in the classroom, biology and methods. I found during those frequent hours that I could wander between conceptual rhetoric and practical life...considering those elements of both that were relevant and absurd. Now that work is in full swing and kids are getting back to school I am without doodle-time, if you will. But there is much to be said in terms of progress and for that, I can offer a few glimpses of the moment.

Justus is starting 2nd grade tomorrow. He's lost a whole lot of teeth...they're starting to fill in and he can eat corn on the cob again...which is kinda funny. He's tall. He's smart. He's mine.

She's a talker. Smart as a whip and engaging. She's certainly not shy...but she has this innate practicality when she talks to new people...and then she likes them and wants to play...even in dentists offices...it's kinda funny. She begins her second year of preschool on Friday...big beautiful girl. And yes, her hair is short...because she cut it herself and it had to be fixed...

He's quite the conversationalist...and rather observant. He's huge and darling. He has this high pitched voice...and you can't help but melt when he says he loves you too, or misses you too...little pumpkin.

So the short of it is that all is well. Children are getting bigger every day. Work and love and life are better than could ever be expected. Happy. Healthy. Just without doodle time.

Love you all. Be Well. Keep in Touch! xo - j.