Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Every Spanksgiving my family gathers to share the holiday. My Mom makes the MOST AMAZING Hawaiian food...and oh, the anticipation for that and the traditional fare upon which we feast annually. Before we sit down to eat, we stand behind our designated chairs and one by one, we express our gratitude for the various precious people/things/lessons in our lives. And not to gush...well, actually, YES, to gush, I've been thinking more and more about how deeply thankful I feel for my children and my family. There've been some really HARD things that have transpired over the last year or so...and my Mom has managed to be a remarkable strength for me despite difficult aspects in her own life with her own health and responsibilities. My family members are some of my closest friends and I'm glad for it. I'm glad to be close to them. I'm happy to love them...and to know that they love me.

I don't know where things will be next year. I don't know what will happen. I have no idea about work, or love or...whatever...but I know that I'll always have these little faces in my life...and I know that no matter what, I'll have people in my life who are there for me...and have taught me to be there for others.

This holiday season, take a little time to think on the tendernesses that have calmed a personal storm...made sense of the confusion...brought peace to the calamity. No matter the circumstances, rest assured there are people who care, people to whom you matter and are known. Breathe a little deeper. Be a little easier with yourself. Be grateful. xo