Monday, February 25, 2008


Every so often I try to update this blog-gig...and to no avail, it fails right as I finish or add an interesting picture. So, to those who think I've shirked my blogging responsibilities, I blame technology for my failure to update effectively. Forgive me, none the less.

The bottom line? (Seeing as I've had some less-than-good luck with being able to successfully upload my info and that may happen again never know.) Things are good. Kids, work, life and love are all generally good, although occasionally random and senseless...specifically with regards to work...and sometimes to kids, you know.

My beeb turned 3. He's beautiful and thoughtful and crazy smart. A singer with a remarkable ability to remember lyrics and tune. Familiar with shapes, colors and letters, he says things that make you look at him and question A) did you really just say that? and B) how old are you? He's amazing and engaging...just a joy. I adore him.

Emry is very VERY ready for school in September. She's high-spirited, but sweet and loving...and brave. She had to endure 5 shots last week...she freaked for 3 of them, but the last two were without tears and brought a weak, "Yeah, that was fun." out of her. She's beautiful and growing more and more every day. She's a big fan of coloring, painting, perfecting the use of scissors and general office supplies (paper, staplers, etc.). She's majoring in play-doh and conflict stimulation (amongst her brothers) and serves as default ring-leader in the absence of her older sibling. She's amazing and I thoroughly love and enjoy her.

Justus started baseball a couple of weeks ago. He's into the whole practice routine and learning the ins-and-outs of the game. I've not enrolled him in any other sports since he played soccer when we were in Arizona, so he's behind the curve in some ways, which he totally makes up for in his eagerness and willingness to try and whole-heartedly give it all he has. It helps that he knows his coach so well (my cousin) and plays on a team with kids he knows. He's excited to just play and I'm proud of him for that. One thing, though...he is fascinated by his cup...which makes me shake my head and think, right...this is what i missed by not having brothers. I missed the whole cup thing...I think I'm okay with that. It's just funny when he says, "Look, Mom!" knock, knock, knock (usually with a bat or some other object that would seriously damage). And I'm certain he's all about it because the other boys on the team think it's cool that for once they can do that without falling over in pain. Whatever. It's weird and amusingly awkward to me, but part of that sport and growing up, I suppose. He's still reading, playing the piano and doing very well in school. He's preparing for baptism in August and very excited about that day. I'm blessed with the calling as his Sunday School teacher...and quite honored by the close involvement I have with him and the other little girl in his CTR 7 class in preparing them for such an important and special day. I love him and am grateful to be so close to him.

So, life progresses...and I'm/We're rollin' with it.

Happy. Healthy. Sane (relatively). ;)

Love you all.


The Davis Family said...


I was in town this weekend and so sorry that I missed you. I do hope that you and the kids are feeling better. I did get to see Justus and my what a change! So adorable!

Davis family said...

I love the update. Keep trying. It made me so happy to check the blog, and see a new heading. Love you all.

Amy said...

I'm so glad I get something new to read! I live off of blogs.

Tiffany & Annabella said...

So glad to here from y'all. We miss ya guys!!