Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Oddities

- I think the lady who cooks on the lunch truck is trying to poison me. She keeps sneaking meat into my breakfast burritos. I keep giving them back. I think she's trying to convince me that it's really good. But it's really not to me.

- I've seen Twilight...a lot. Not because it's the most earth-shattering movie ever, but because it's a visual of a story i've greatly enjoyed...and because i wish that there was a human embodiment of Edward and that I could be his Bella.

- I need new music. I've been too budget conscious for the last few months. Going through my playlist I realized that all my stuff is has-been.

- I'm poor, but when I get my state tax return, I'm buying a digital SLR. I keep borrowing other people's cameras. I'd like to have my own.

- I want a house. And a dog.

- I've forgotten to wear earrings for the last 2 weeks. My ear holes may close up. Oh well.

- Wanted: Sugar Daddy. I need a treadmill, lots of Monavie, plastic surgery (after I lose many pounds), and a credit card with no ceiling to the Bare Essentuals Store/counter. No questions asked. Oh, house and dog also required.

- This week is crappy at work. These are the weeks I deeply dislike working in HR.


Stay warm, dry and happy.
xo, j.


joyous said...

Can't wait to see your new camera photos!!! And thanks for coming with me to Twilight...I had it on my brain all weekend after. I could totally see it again, so I'm right there with you on the obsession. ;)

Tiffany -- the mommy said...

I am totally there with you in the Twilight obsession. If they could mass produce Edward I would so have one!! I love the picture. I need to get more creative like that...

Davis family said...

i've only seen the movie once, because I am poor. Can't justify spending money on it when i need to feed the kids and make the house payment. But I would totally have gone to see it too many times, if my credit card had no ceiling. When I read the books I am in Forks for a week without coming out mentally. of course physically I don't do much either. love ya.

Tara said...

I love you Sor. And as per ears, I only wear earrings about once every two months and my holes aren't closed - so I bet you'll be ok.

Thanks for making me laugh!