Thursday, August 13, 2009

Casatoreasca....I just like the way it sounds

Married. Just a little over a month. To a beautiful man, a true friend. I've been asked how married life is going...It's going very well, thanks. We're together only during the weekends due to his working on an island 70ish miles off of the coast. We talk all the time, but sharing space is limited. There's a longing...and a gratitude for the time we DO have together. There's no time for anything but handling these minutes with precious care.

It's an interesting place to love from a distance. This is the first time that I can say I'm in a long distance relationship. Ha...and it's not like I could fly or boat out to see him...unless I had clearance.

There is something in being able to consider the things that you appreciate and adore in an individual when they're not present. There's a comfort in remembering the way his hand feels in mine...and all of the sensory recalls that come alive when he the way his shirt smells when I'm close to him...or the feel of his hair in my fingers...Or the serenity that is invoked with just a few words...yeah, married life is well. Very well, thank you.

Life in general is very good. Busy and perhaps a tad insane, but good. I frequently intermingle the word insane with the thought of stretching. Work with me. You know? Those weeks when there's just NO END to the many things that have to happen...and you're responsible for the coordination and the execution of every plan...stretching. Stretch yourself. Stretch your patience. Stretch your limits...not always for good, not always for bad...but out of duty. It's nuts to consider all of the stuff...but we totally do it and then later think nothing of it. Eh, I'm fine. There's a lot to do...there's ALWAYS a lot to do, so it makes the stretch a little less gargantuan. What's a centimeter more, right? :)

Kids are doing well. Often the root of my stretch (I don't know what I would do without my Mom who cares for them during the day.), they are also the root of my duty. They grow at a speed that is much to my chagrin. Somebody, PLEASE invent something that will freeze time (and rid me forever of my split ends...get rid of my flat iron? what? oh right...that would do the trick) and make them NOT grow so quickly. Keep them small where they won't ever tire of cuddles and tickles. The other day Justus was right in step with my humor and sarcasm. He was witty and funny...I enjoyed it, but was snapped back to the many days when he would look at me blankly and change the subject to thomas the tank engine or the wiggles. Now he's super stoked on books he's found in my collection...and is manifesting these pearls of personality that are both breathtaking and overwhelming.

It happens in a blink, no? And I know you understand because it happens to you, too. In our own ways.

Strive. Stretch. Catch the moments. Enjoy.
Love to you all,

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