Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Empty Room

Extended vacation months bring about arrangements for my littles to visit their Dad. This year my daughter went for a month and my sons are presently gone. At the end of the stay it'll be a little over 3 weeks. Each visit brought an empty room. E's room was silent for 4 weeks...during which I SHOULD have thoroughly cleaned it, sorted toys, blah blah blah...but I didn't. There was something about the disheveled dress-up clothes...and the slippers in random order. My E isn't the most orderly little girl...she's easily distracted. And although most of the messes in the house on a Saturday morning are blamed on her little brother, when neither of the brothers are present, it's really hard to pin the blame on them. So, it has become clear who exactly leaves the cereal out...and the milk...and drawing items...and paints...and littlest pet shop thingeys...and whatever else. While she was gone...having all of those items exactly the way they were when she left...somehow kept her there...captured her. Made her not so far away...even though she really was.

Now, the boys are gone...and their room sits empty. Stripped beds and folded laundry sit on a desk that waits for August 17th when children return to school and that surface will be used again the way it was intended.

I support the visit. I just miss them when they're away. My life is so completely engaged in them...that when they're gone...I'm a little off...just holding my breath and waiting for all the cogs to fit again. Not that I would tell them that, but between you and me, you know?

Safe journey, my littles. Love you.

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joyous said...

And this is where we learn firsthand that oh so hard lesson that without the bad/hard/ugly we would never truly appreciate the good/easy/beautiful in life. Hope you guys enjoy your last couple weeks of summer. :)