Friday, July 25, 2014


I knew that the last year was going to be crazy. Finishing my graduate degree, preparing for a work-related certification, kids finishing elementary and middle school, getting ready to move up, figuring things out at work, dealing with the ups and downs of marriage, deciding to do my first half marathon, and all of the other moments that were truly defining that I just can't conjure right now. It's nuts. I won't pretend it's not.

In preparing for this half marathon insanity (1-because I've never been a runner, I was always a swimmer/a fish...what is this land madness??? 2-because I should have decided to do this when I was like...20), I've taken to the whole short stuff during the week, long run/walk weekend routines. Yesterday was a perfect day and in all of my ambition, I decided I would drive home for lunch and walk back to the office. You know, for the last 7 years of working in Ventura, I've never ONCE walked to work...and in that 2.5 mile walk to the plant, I noticed little things...noticed the detail in shop signs and the smells associated with detail and paint shops. I saw the same bugs fighting both ways (to and from work). I passed the same homeless lady with her gray pitbull on a rope leash. I realized that I was glad not to have to walk by a pizza place every day, rather, it's better for me, personally to drive by with my windows up so as not to crave the product of said pizza place. I realized that while walking at a fast pace, for once, NOT RUSHING was helpful for my perspective...for appreciation of the details...for having a sense of awareness of place and people. It's important. And I almost missed it.

Yes, it's crazy. Yes, it's busy. Carve it a little differently if you can. I mean, don't get me wrong, the whole walk thing was to satisfy a workout for the day (5 miles)...and in the process, not only was it good for my body, but equally insightful for my mind and soul.

Don't always rush. You may catch some inspiration if you slow down just long enough to see it.

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