Monday, September 28, 2015

Stop the Clock

It's been hot the last few weeks. I'm too cheap to do air conditioning. We do fans and natural circulation, but I admit there are days when the kids and I want to sleep on the floor of the kitchen with the freezer door open. It's not uncommon for each one of them to take turns asking for the empty side of my bed. It's big enough. And there will be a day in the near future when I won't get to be this close to them, listening to them snore, or touching their excessively long eyelashes while they're still enough.

I was taken aback a little tonight while we were with some friends for dinner. My youngest was telling a story but using this weird voice. One of the littles there asked him what he was doing, he said (verbatim) "I'm trying to add mystery and creepiness." Done and done. But for him to add those dimensions to his story-telling technique is amazing to me. I'm watching him grow up before my very eyes...and I love it...and hate it at the same time.

My oldest will be graduating in two years, then my middle a few years after that, and then my little two years after that...and then...crazy life begins. Oye. For now, I think I'll just ask them to tell me stories and take it all in. And maybe use a weird voice know, for fun.


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