Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Beginning

My poor neglected blog...good thing it's not a pet or something alive for which I am would be dead. I'm glad there aren't any blog-rights activists at this point. I would so be fined...arrested...convicted and guilt-laden for my skinny, dieing blog. I'd like to say that my resolution is to be better at this whole deal, but it's not. My resolution is to do bikram yoga 5 times a week. Sorry blog. Add that to my fine list. Seriously, this 2009 thing has given me clarity about one thing: Priority. The other night as I was doing my heaping laundry while simultaneously running a list of things I needed to do through my head to get 2 kids ready to start their school tracks again, my boss prepared for a business trip with the big wigs in Orlando, and keep my other little business nurtured, there came this greatly welcomed but typically ignored voice of reason...and the voice said, "Pick."

My reality is that I have two hands...and despite their very impressive production levels (to most extents) there is (inevitably) more that is left undone. 24 hours in a day, 2 hands versus 3 kids, job, love, extra can laugh now, it won't hurt my feelings. It was the laughing at my self with the bigger picture goggles on the other day that snapped me back into this whole "Who are you kidding?" space. Even if I had extra hands, extra hours in the day, WHATEVER I think I need to make everything happen...there would still be more to do...and not enough to do it. So, surrender to it (I love the yoga frame of mind)...I washed several loads and put them all away properly...but there are more loads out there sitting patiently by the washer. (Good thing there's not a neglected laundry patrol...again, arrested, convicted, etc.) The other loads will still be there when I get to them on another day this week. I made dinner...and put everything away, but there are dishes. I admit it...which dropped in priority when kids needed help with baths. Clean plates or a potential drown scene...pick. Um hmmm. The dishes will need to wait, too. The good news is that my chilies are bathed, lotioned, tooth brushed, flossed, with clean ears, clothes and scriptures read and prayers said along with kisses, hugs and tuck ins...and I'm tired. So there we have it. I can either stay up until the crack and be worthless tomorrow...or I can crash (addtionally because it's a Sunday and I went without a nap) and be prepared for a productive tomorrow. And be in a fairly good mood about it. Pick.

So, I pick rest. I pick a good frame of mind. I pick preparation. I pick a healthier, more well rounded girl...figuratively, remember? LOTS more yoga this year.

Kids are doing well. Chomping at the bit to start school again. They're all amazing, healthy and beautiful. Things are good.

Happy New Year, all.


Tara said...

SO good to have an update. You were and still are amazing. Love you much and happy new year back.

Autumn said...

A few weeks ago in Relief Society The lesson was on something or other, and somehow the girls all got on the topic of house chores- concluding that even when you are exhausted and worn out you've just gotta finish things up. They said if we you don't then the next day will be torture and you won't feel very good about yourself. I sat there thinking..."Did someone drug all my friends? They've all gone insane" the I started to wonder if I was the crazy one. Well now I know that if I am the one that's crazy, someone in the mormon world agrees with me!