Thursday, February 8, 2007


It's interesting to look back on progress made from birthday to birthday. It's even more amazing and (somewhat) melancholy (depending on the day) when it's reflection on the growth of your children. Winter will be 2 this valentine. He's walking, talking, teeth-brushing, exploring, car-driving-pantomiming sweet pea. The latest doctor's visit affirmed CLEAR lungs - a very good sign after some scary episodes last year.

It's crazy to think what 2 years means...what it much a person can change. Last year he still seemed so small and now he's on the brink of being a BOY...not a baby any longer. There are days when I wish they all were still small...and there are instances when I can still share tender moments with them like I did when they were tiny...but I am astounded at how quickly they adapt and how intensely they comprehend and retain upon which to build other skills and thoughts.

He's a precious boy...I admit it, I'm biased. But you should see should hear him say "keess" and pucker up his tiny little lips. You should hear him make the smooch sound as he holds your cheeks and kisses you. You should see his green eyes light up when you walk into the room. You are lucky when he runs to hug your knee caps. Your heart melts when he says "bye" to his brother when he leaves for school. You can't help but love him when he follows you around with a muffin in one hand and your pant leg in the other. He's a precious boy.

2 years has brought me to see remarkable similarities between him and his brother. Almost identical...but distinctly different. 2 years has brought me to feel so blessed to have 3 little ones in my life...who help me to keep focused...who help me to realize the greater picture...who help me to giggle and play. As crazy as things can be at times...there is nothing like being mother to them. I wouldn't change it for anything!

Pictures to come after Winter's birthday!


Davis family said...

Love it!!
You are an amazing writer. So much better than me. Glad you have a place for us to keep up.
love you.

Our Family said...

I am so excited to be able to keep up with you ... You are a busy crazy woman...Miss you, Tiffany

The Davis Family said...

Looky how cute little Winter is ... he is growing up so fast...and looks so much like his mommy. Love to you and the rest of the clan.