Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Lists. Lists can be comical...while stumbling across the "Create Profile" of this whole blog machine, I noticed the "Add Wish List" entry. Curious, I clicked and clicked until I reached the "suggestions for wish list." Apparently, this is what America has been looking for:
I can't say that any of these options are relevant to me personally, but perhaps in the future I shall create a list where fuel injectors and space pen occupy the same page; however, for now I appreciate the fact that my needs are a bit more simplistic: paper towels, organic veggies, and some tea tree shampoo...oh, and conditioner...I'm always in the market for a good conditioner (Fredrick Fekkai Olive Oil will give you killer shiney hair).
I suppose what this list brings to the forefront is what we really NEED. Has our society merged the word WANT and NEED? Are the two concepts now synonimous? Will I die withouta huffy green machine? And isn't a space pen a pen that can write upside down??? Can't we just use a pencil if we really need to write upside down? Maybe it's just me. I'm weird for getting frustrated with the amount of STUFF we collect to define ourselves. Yes, we need things, don't get me wrong, but it seems like we can go overboard and STUFF ourselves silly. I'm NOT saying that I'm looking down on people who make this their life's ambition. And I'm NOT going to step over the line to rant and rave about consumption and how that will effect our environment...you can go there if you want, but that's not my real purpose...it's simply to point out that there is some humor in the froogle list, don't you think? And independently they might not be so obvious it's just together they seem silly. To each his own, I suppose...but for now I'll just focus on finishing my profile...and creating my list: paper towels, organic veggies and tea tree shampoo...Oh, and conditioner...I'm always in the market for a good conditioner (Frederick Fekkai Olive Oil will give you killer shiney hair)...


Davis family said...

That was a funny list. You are an awesome write by the way.love ya.

Tara said...

This is something I struggle with ALL the time! I'm a less is more kind of person and Cat is a packrat. I wish that everyone else could see things the way I do and then we'd all have big savings accounts and a lot less STUFF.

I'm glad to "see" you btw... hope to read more from you soon.