Friday, February 23, 2007

Likes that Make Me...well, ME

- The Vegan Cake at Real Food Daily in Santa Monica
- Fredrick Fekkai Glossy Shampoo & Conditioner (Green Bottles)
- New Fragrance: Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein (this changes frequently)
- Aveda Moisturizer

- Earth Shoes (give that negative heel a whirl, you'll never go back)

- mac

- M.A.C.

- Catalina Island on a beautiful clear day/night in July
- Molokai

- Michael Christian and his passion for architecture, travel, agaves, antique european cars...

- Cafe Zack's in Ventura

- The Taj in Ventura

- Salzer's

- Imogene Heap, Damian Marley, Bitter:Sweet, Massive Attack, Coldplay, The Police, oh, too many

- Photographs

- The Getty

- Tuberose

- The low dive

- bare feet

- red toe nail polish

- cardigans or v-neck sweaters

- black t-shirts

- long skirts and dresses

- 3/4 sleeve shirts

- giving Potato Boy a new dialogue

- lola

- aminals...

1 comment:

Davis family said...

oh Yikes! I am blown away at all the things I don't know about you. Oh, the questions I could ask...