Friday, February 23, 2007

Kid Update


2! I'm 2! My burthay was really fun! My Mom got all kinds of heart balloons because I was born on Valentimesday and I'm her valentime. We ate spaghetti because I love spaghetti and my uncles and aunties came over and got me a firetruck to ride on and puh-jammas. My Pua and Poppa got me close because I always need close. The only thing that wasn't fun was that I had to get shots because I'm 2...I didn't like that very much and I made sure the nurse-lady knew it. I yelled at her really loud and a lot. My brother and sister came, too...they watched...well, kinda...Jussy covered his eyes and Emry covered her ears when I yelled...but my mom knew what to do and she gave me a cup and I was kinda happy for a while...then she fed me and I was fine. But my burthay was really fun. I ate cake and ice cream, too. And some valentimes candy and Mike gave me yummy bears. I like those a lot. I took a bath after my party because I was really dirty and then I went to sleep. Burthays are fun!


I'm Emry. I'm least, I THINK I'm 4. Everytime I say that, my Mom says I'm 3. But just you wait, in May I WILL be 4...and then I'll say I'm 5 because I HAVE to catch up with Justus! My latest news is that I'm in ballet! Mom takes me every Saturday morning. I like to spin around and run and jump across the floor! I'm starting preschool in a couple of weeks and that'll be good because then I'll be as smart as Justus! I'm in Sunbeams now! I like it alot. I like going to church because I get to see my friends and my teacher. My Pua is in primary with me and Justus and my uncle. I can count and I'm trying really hard to learn how to spell even though I don't what all of my letters sound like. You never know when someone is going to ask you how to spell NUGGET, so I ask my Mom every day how to do it. I love to color and do puzzles. I LOVE Bob the Builder. I'm a happy girl!


I really like school. I'm in first grade and I like to read. I've read over 100 AR books and going strong. I also like math and computers...oh, and recess - I have 4 of them everyday (Can you believe it!!). I'm a big helper with my Mom. I like to make my lunch in the mornings - peanut butter sandwiches (the best). I'm learning how to bring the trash cans in so that I can get an allowance and pay tithing. I started reading the Book of Mormon this year. My primary leader gave me a copy of my own. When I get baptized I'll get a set with my name on it (only a year and a half to go! woo hoo!)! My Grampa has started to teach me how to play basketball and Mike got me a golf club to play with in our back yard. I've been anxious to learn how to ride a skateboard, but Mom says I have to learn how to ride a 2-wheeled bike first - something about learning how to balance and taking steps. I sure love to ride my scooter, though and if skateboarding is half as fun, I'm ALL OVER IT! Umm, eating isn't my favorite thing unless it's candy or peanut butter sandwiches...but I do like carrots and hamburgers...ooh, and pancakes...and cucumbers. I guess I do like to eat. My Mom and I dance a lot in the kitchen on Saturdays when we're cleaning up after breakfast. I'm turning 7 this year. I've told my Mom that I want to learn how to play tennis and swim. Yeah. That'll be good.


You can't stop progress. Growth rolls on whether you're prepared or not. Walking, talking...remember when they were just trying to figure that out? And now they're eloquent and insightful. They consider what events and phrases really mean within a personal application. I look at them and I see the true fruition of a patriarchal promise. They are a reflection of everything they see and hear. I am taken aback by their physical growth - their development and change. I am moved by their acts of kindness and consideration. I am, then, infuriated by their thoughtless cruelty and occasional disdain...but they learn. By example, they establish order and reason. To bring up a child in the world is a tremendous is in NO way an easy task. There is a real amount of pain. Contrastly, there is an equal, if not more abundant realization of joy in that mix.
2 years. Almost 4 years. and Nearly 7 years. I know exactly where the time has gone...

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I love the way you told about each of the kids. it is wonderful.